November 27, 2023

We all know that the English language is the main medium of communication for people on an international level. Whenever an individual from one region goes to another, the language that he uses to communicate is the English language. Now, what is the reason for that? Basically; in earlier days; British people reigned over most of the countries so when they left the lands; the English language already became part of those particular lands. Besides that; some of the most powerful nations have English as their national language. This is why English became the main language for international purposes including politics, entertainment, and socializing purposes.

“They had nothing in common but the English Language” E.M. Forster

People from across the world learn the English language to be able to socialize with people on the international level. Besides that; English is the language of science, aviation, and the internet and is extremely important for professional purposes so people try to learn it through different means. One such means is through online platforms. Students use online platforms to buy services from Professional Essay Writers For Hire, class-taking service providers, and so on. But when it comes to learning online English language then not only students but people of all ages make use of this opportunity. We will be discussing some of the benefits and drawbacks of English language learning in the following post.

Benefits of Learning the English Language through an Online Platform:

Students who are weak in the English language get their written work done by taking Essay Writing Service in Washington DC, and other such writing platforms. But there comes a time when it becomes necessary to learn the language for professional life and for a better future. Strategic learning and communication can help second language learners to accelerate their target language learning (Zona, 2019). We will be highlighting some of the benefits of learning the English language through an online platform:

1. Learn without any Hesitation:

One of the perks of learning the English language through an online platform is that you can work on your weaknesses without having to be embarrassed about them. Nobody would be there to make fun of you or degrade you for not knowing even the basics of the language. People hesitate to learn English from the start because of the fear of getting mocked by their fellow mates. However; you can start from the very beginning without any hesitation when it comes to learning through an online platform.

2. Easily Accessible:

Another plus point of learning the English language through an online platform is that people can learn it in the comfort of their homes. It is easily accessible as people don’t have to go to any far-off place on daily basis to learn English. People can take online English learning classes while comfortably lying on their couch and having a refreshing cocktail at the same time.

3. Multiple Options:

Multiple applications and websites are there that can help you in learning the English language. You can either choose one among all other (whichever you find the best) or you can learn from multiple websites at the same time. One doesn’t have to pay to learn the language through an online medium so he can learn from multiple platforms at the same time, depending upon his own caliber and how much time he can give to it.

4. Connect with People:

People who learn through online mediums get to communicate with other members through such platforms. At times are unable to understand information until and unless it is written down (pes-admin, 2020). You can get answers to their queries by communicating with them.  If one person cannot understand any topic in the English learning class then he can leave a comment in the comment section and somebody will give an answer to that question.

5. Work Upon all four Skills:

Through an online English learning platform; an individual can learn all four skills of the language including writing, speaking, listening, and reading. You can take lessons from different websites that specialize in teaching different aspects or skills of English language learning.

Setbacks of Learning the English Language through an Online Platform:

Everything comes with its setbacks; so does learning the language through an online platform. Let us discuss some of the setbacks in the following points:

1. Lack of Motivation:

When you are learning anything through an online platform be it a language course or any other coursework; you lose the motivation. It is because there is no discipline. You don’t have to answer anybody even if you miss your classes. This is why people lack motivation when it comes to online learning platforms.

2. Don’t have much Credibility:

The language courses that are taught through online platforms don’t have as much credibility or acceptance as compared to those which are taken from the actual institutes. However, this aspect is gradually changing as the education system is gradually moving towards an online medium.

3. Connectivity Problems:

You might be laid back in your online English language course because of the connectivity problems. Technical problems can arise anytime and not everybody can grasp or fix the situation at the moment. In such cases; a person has to skip his lesson or class when he is left with no other option.

4. No Face-to-face Communication:

Face-to-face communication inculcates confidence in a person. People who are trying to learn the English language need more confidence to speak the language. Hence; it is another setback in learning the language through an online platform.


Everything comes with its pros and cons but it is the percentage of both which determine whether the particular thing is beneficial or is disadvantageous. We have mentioned both; the pros as well as cons of learning the language through an online medium. Now it is up to you guys whether it is worth it or not.


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