April 14, 2024

Research papers are mostly written by students which belong to colleges or universities. It is mandatory for them to write a research paper before they graduate. Writing a research paper can become a daunting process if you have no idea of how it should be done. Although there are online assignment help websites available which can assist you. But you should also know how to write a research paper. Don’t worry I’m here to assist you.

Therefore, The guide I’m going to provide you will help you in each step of writing an effective, meaningful research paper. Some people say there are 10 steps to writing a research paper others say there are 6 steps. I will give you the top 8 steps which will cover everything essential.

The steps are given below

Get familiar with the assignment

  1. Step 1 Understand the assignment
  2. Step 2 Select a topic
  3. Step 3 Research
  4. Step 4 Arrange the research
  5. Step 5 Form a thesis
  6. Step 6 Construct the outline
  7. Step 7 write
  8. Step 8 Editing of the content


Step 1 Understand the assignment

The first and foremost step is to understand the assessment on which you have to write the research paper. If you will not be able to comprehend what the assignment is about you won’t is able to select a topic on which you have to work on. If you have any quarries related to the given assignment please ask your professor otherwise you might end up choosing the wrong topic which will be a big mistake if you conduct your research on it.

Few things which should be decided before starting to seek the topic

  • The length of the paper
  • Citation type (if the correct citation method is not followed the paper can get rejected 2019).
  • The maximum number of sources allowed
  • Other minor details are essential for the research paper.
  • Lastly a fixed number of days in which you will be able to complete the research paper.


Step 2 Select a topic

Selection of a topic doesn’t seem like it is a difficult process but it is. Once you sit and start looking for topics there are millions of topics on which you can write your research paper on which become confusing sometimes. I have listed a few things which will help you in deciding on a topic for your research.

  • Narrow your research topic
  • Choose a topic which will interest the reader
  • Decide on a question that you will give an answer to through your paper.
  • The answer that you will give through your research paper will become your thesis statement.
  • Select a topic and make it approved by the professor


Step 3 Research

After you have attained the guidance from your professor and the topic has been finalised. Now it’s time to start searching. Sometimes when you start researching you will come across different information which might make you change your research question. If you decide to do that make sure that you will do all the research on the new question that you have chosen. Keep these things in mind when you are searching

Use a broad variety of resources in your research

Research time should be adequate for the whole research paper.

Make sure to maintain a record with yourself of all the information you have gathered while researching in the form of a bibliography.

You should also make notes on the side from where the information is taken it will help you in future in case you need to revisit it.

The most important point is to add information to the research paper in your own words this will reduce the chances of plagiarism in the paper.

Step 4 Arrange the research

Now you have gathered all the information, but the question is what to do with it. In this step, you will organise all the material by the different authors, articles and books written on the certain subject which will help you create the bibliography. For stats, paper gathering information might be difficult. You can use statistics homework help online platform that will assist you.

Step 5 Form a thesis

Now that you have got an understanding of the topic. You have also gathered and organised the data for the topic now you are ready to articulate your own arguments, assertion and opinions. Even if your debate isn’t against the topic, the paper still requires a thesis.


Step 6 Construct the outline

Once all the data is collected, then you should create an outline to help you place the data in their own dedicated area. According to Prathap, Akhter Ali, and Kamraju (2019), The format to write the outline is



Review of Literature


Methodology and database used

Research Discussion






Step 7 write

Now it’s time to write the paper. You will feel that why didn’t you start writing before. But the steps which came before this are important to reaching this step. All of those steps will help you in creating an interesting, strong and clear. When you start writing don’t try to become a perfectionist in terms of perfect words, grammar or title. All of that can be done once you have written the entire paper.

Step 8 Editing of the content

Now that the paper has been written take time out and congratulate yourself on writing the research paper which is essential for the attainment of your degree. You have made a lot of efforts to get to this point. Now the only thing left is to edit all that you have written. Remember I told you not to be a perfectionist well now is the time to be one and edit the paper.

Bonus steps

Make edits and proofread before submitting

After making all the edits proofread all that you have written. You might have missed something or left something incomplete. This is the time for you to correct all of those mistakes and make your paper ready for submission.



This essay has discussed the 8 awesome steps to writing your research paper. The 8 steps are to understand the assignment, select a topic, research, arrange the research, form a thesis, Construct the outline, write, and editing of the content. The bonus step which I mentioned above is the most important step yet some students neglect it proofreading the research.





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