February 21, 2024
Hacking a Smartphone Remotely: Dream or Reality?

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Remember first and foremost that hacking a mobile remotely is not the same as installing spyware while having physical access to the device. Hacking a mobile means fraudulently breaking into it without its owner’s knowledge and his consent, for example, by installing spy software via SMS to be able to monitor, spy on, or steal data.

Hacking a mobile is therefore totally illegal, and it is therefore strongly recommended not to try to do so. Obviously, for some, the game is worth the candle! Imagine the result: you no longer need to have the phone you want to monitor under your nose or wait for its owner to be absent from stealing it. By hacking a mobile phone remotely, you can access the phone anytime, anywhere, and you can check his messages, calls, photos, videos, snaps, or even geotag him!

But if some think it is enough to know about computers to hack a mobile phone remotely, they are wrong! In real life, things are not as simple as in the series we see on TV!

1 – What type of phone can you hack?

Technically, no cell phone is fully hack-proof. It is enough for a group of hackers to discover a fault in the system of a telephone, and all the telephones of the same model will be in danger.

Whether you have an iPhone, a Samsung, or a Nokia, you are susceptible to being hacked!

2 – Are there online tools to hack a phone?

Yes! There are some, but most of them are outdated as soon as they appear. By the time the hackers put the tool online, the developers had already caught wind of it and made a security update to fix the flaw and thus render the hacking device unusable.

However, there is surveillance software that is undetectable by the user and legally usable, such as SpyGate.

3 – To use spyware, do I need access to the phone?

Yes! You must have physical access at least once to the phone you want to monitor remotely. Not only because it is impossible to install the spy software or app remotely but also because everyone would be a potential target if that were the case.

4 – With spy software, will I have access to deleted SMS, messages, emails, and photos from the hacked mobile?

Yes! By using spy software, you can recover SMS, emails, and messages (Messenger, Snapchat, or Whatsapp), including those deleted. This is possible because the spyware makes an internal copy of everything and sends it to your online client area. So even if the messages have been deleting from the phone, a copy is still on the server you have access to.

5 – Can the person know that he is being spied on?

Technically no! The person has no way of knowing that spyware or app has installed. No icon! No messages! Spyware is undetectable. This is also why if you use this type of software, even legally, you will have to take a certain number of legal provisions and precautions before using it.

Know in this respect that the law prohibits any spyware use without a person’s knowledge. You will therefore be obliged to ask permission from the mobile phone user before using software to consult his SMS remotely.

6 – What are the conditions for installing mobile spy software?

Nowadays, the mobile is at the heart of our lives. It contains all our personal information, all our messages, and all our photos. It serves as an alarm clock and allows us to call or see someone on the other side of the world. Everyone has a cell phone, regardless of age, and that’s why spyware is so popular.

The current generation was born with the mobile phone. Calling, sending emails, taking photos, sharing a Facebook status… We do everything with our mobile. Our life concentrated on our smartphones. Whether in our private or professional lives, our motives closely link to our daily activities. A good reason, therefore, is to want to access another person’s mobile phone to see all this information.

But if, as we said above, spyware installed out of pure curiosity is illegal, companies wishing to monitor their mobile fleet or parents wanting to protect their children can, under certain conditions, use this kind of software.

This type of surveillance cannot be done to spy on your spouse to know who they are sending messages to if you suspect infidelity. This use is strictly prohibited by the manufacturers and by law.

7 – How to spy on mobile with monitoring software?

Finding spy software or app is very easy these days. Several applications of this type can infiltrate the phone and transmit the data to an online customer area. These programs and applications work like viruses and have the same characteristics: they are invisible to the user and share data silently.

Conclusion: Monitor yes! Spy no!

Attention! A hacker uses malicious software to spy on people without their knowledge. Companies or individuals use spyware monitoring for legal purposes. In this second scenario, it is necessary to proceed with the installation of said software to have physical access to the mobile telephone.

To sum up, if hacking a smartphone remotely without physical access is impossible, spying on a smartphone by installing spyware is quite simple.

So avoid all sites extolling the merits of free spyware because it would be impossible to make such software available for free simply because of the costs associated with its production and operation. Also, avoid those who claim to be able to access the phone without physical access: this is a lie. It is impossible to access data from a mobile phone remotely without having the phone in your hands and installing software on it.

The only legal possibility is to spy on a phone to which you have physical access using regulated surveillance software such as SpyGate, specially designed for this purpose.

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