April 14, 2024
struggling with education

How to set an achievable goal when you are struggling with education


It seems extremely difficult for students to stay focused on exams and academic careers when everyone around is indulged in other activities. But it is quite achievable when a student prioritizes school success over every other indulgence because it defines the future of a student.

However, there are many reasons for the failure of students in the achievement of their goals related to academics. One of the most important reasons is the failure of students to set achievable and clear-cut goals. Otherwise, they have to pass through the same thresher of improving grades in case of low grades in subjects.

In this excerpt, it is being informed how a student can set an achievable goal when he is still struggling with education.


Goal setting can be challenging but not impossible. A student needs to assess the previous results. This makes him realize the situation he is in. Then one should discuss it with one’s mentors and teachers while setting these goals. Various special education research proposal topics are also helpful for the students in setting up their valuable goals. They can help students in setting up an inspirational and reasonable goal which leads to the improvement in overall academic results. Learning driven by goals have a relatively positive effect on the educational output of the students.


Some of the distractions that students themselves allow to beguile them seem petty but they actually make a huge difference. If these diversions are ignored then no matter how much cramming students go through later, would prove note be beneficial. Most students who take back benches are able to escape the vision of a teacher. They either fool around with friends or doodle on a notepad. As a result of these diversions, students fail to grasp the core concept of the topic.

These students knowing that the eyes of teachers are not on them, sometimes engage in discussing random shows or other entertainment stuff. So in order to make a goal achievable, it is imperative to stay away from all these distractions. Always try to take a front seat to remain focused. Moreover choose the company wisely, as the company actually defines one in a larger sense. The group should be comprised of the makers, not breakers.


Kids, nowadays, prefer to create notes on laptops. Handwritten notes compilation is an old-school technique for them. No doubt it eases the notes-making process of a student and saves time. But is it really a blessing in disguise or a hindrance in disguise? Well! It is a dual fact, for the students, that creating or preparing for the exams from notes on cell phones and other tech devices, is a major problem. However, the supply chain management dissertation writing service would obviously favor the other side of the story in their writings which is more beneficial.

Nonetheless, when students open a laptop for academic causes, they come in access to social media and other applications. That is why handwritten notes should still be on priority in order to set an achievable goal while going through an educational struggle. It also helps students in retention of the knowledge. If all students are to have the opportunity to participate fully in education (Lani Florian, 2016) in this way it would be feasible for schools as well.


When students are fully engrossed in studies, this is the time they are haunted by the negativity the most. A student should set a to-do list of what actually motivates him the most. Mostly demotivation arises out of the uselessness of hard work. A student must fancy himself to be in some privileged position somewhere at later stages. When a student is going with proper vision and goal, he can’t lose motivation and is undefeatable. Motivational videos on TED talks etc are also helpful in boosting the energy level.

Motivation is a mental phenomenon. However, if the mental health of a student is not well kept what is the point of keeping all motivational stuff with the student? Mental health depends upon healthy routines. Students should visit the gym or do jogging in order to keep mental health in place so that academic goals can be achieved appropriately.

5. Trick of time management:

Students are often so easygoing that they never focus on time management until the arrival of exams. This is another major reason for them not to achieve their desired goals. This time is the prime time of life when one wants to access all pleasurable activities. But it is also a crucial time for deciding on future ventures. The whole of the activities of the daily schedule must be allotted at a certain time. Then priority must be given to those tasks which are inevitable to be performed and there is no other way around it.

It is recommended to map out the tiny goals on daily basis rather than setting up the schedule for weeks and months. Tiny little goals will be helpful in keeping on track as these give a sense of satisfaction that one is finally approaching the destination point.


Setting up the proper environment for the study is the key to achieving desired goals. Students often make their study spot on their beds. This is the real factor that contributes to their struggling educational settings. A comfortable environment leads to sleep evoking situations and loss of attention. It not only disturbs study routine but also affects the sleep hygiene of the students.

Choose a quiet place and time for your studies even if you can be a night owl so be one (Robeck, 2021). Setting up a study chair and table with bright lights on, especially during late-night study sessions sets a student in the full vigor of study mode. No one can imagine sleeping with all lights on and sitting on a study chair. Still, if it does not do the task then caffeine is the real player in this overall complete scenario.


Almost all the students set goals in respect of their academic careers. However, those students who are still struggling with their education must be guided properly that how they can design their goals which are in fact achievable for them.


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