November 27, 2023
What is Kali Linux?

What is Kali Linux?

What is Kali Linux?

What is Kali Linux? For example, anything related to graphics or content production usually brings to mind the macOS operating system.

Similarly, any type of hacking operation or mere manipulation of network tools

In this article,

we provide a general overview of Kali Linux and

everything you need to know about using it for ethical hacking.

Kali Linux?

Debian-based Linux distribution.

This operating system is specifically used for tasks such as network analysis and intrusion testing.

The presence of many tools installed on this distribution by default has turned Kali into a Swiss Army knife for hackers.

To learn more about how to get started and use Kali Linux, refer to the following link from Faradres Magazine.

Why do hackers use it?

formerly known as Backtrack, claims to be

more focused on test tools than previous versions and has eliminated unnecessary tools, unlike Backtrack,

which had different tools for different purposes. This makes ethical hacking much easier with it

What is Linux used for?

it is mainly used for advanced penetration testing and security checks.

Kali has several hundred tools designed to perform various tasks related to information security

such as intrusion testing, security research, cybercrime, and reverse engineering.

Is it illegal to use Kali Linux?

Kali Linux itself is not illegal, because it is just an operating system.

However, if you are installing this distribution for purposes such as learning or teaching or using it to test software or network,

Who develops Kali Linux?

Mati Aharoni and Deavon Kearns are the main developers of the Kali Linux distribution.

Kali’s development is based on Debian standards, as it often imports its code from Debian repositories.

Development of this distribution began in early March 2012 among a small group of developers.

Kali Linux has undergone several major upgrades since then.

Why should we use ?


  • It has many tools: Kali Linux has more than 600 different tools related to penetration testing and security analysis.
  • It is open source: Kali Linux is a member of the Linux family and therefore follows theopen-source model, which is popular. Their development tree is available to the public on Git,and all code can be manipulated by anyone.
  • Multilingual Support: Although most penetration testing tools are in English, Kali has multilingual support,so more users can use their native language and use the tools more easily.
  • Extensive customization: Developers at Offensive Security have realizedthat not everyone can agree with their development model,so they have allowed more advanced users to customize Kali Linux even to the core of the system to their liking.

System requirements for installing Kali Linux

Kali Linux is very easy to install. Just make sure you have compatible hardware. Kali supports i386, amd64,

and ARM processors (both ARMEL and ARMHF).

although having better hardware will improve system performance.

  • At least 20 GB of disk space to install Kali Linux.
  • CD-DVD Drive / USB port that supports boot or VirtualBox.

    List of tools that come with Kali Linux

    In this section, you will find a list of tools provided with Kali Linux for ethical hacking.

    This collection focuses on key WiFi security issues, including:

    • Monitoring: Examining packets and exporting data to text files for further processing by third-party tools.
    • Attack: Replay attacks, bypass authentication, fake access points, and other types of operations by injecting packets.
    • Test: Check driver capacity wifi cards (acquisition and injection)
    • Crack: WEP and WPA PSK (WPA 1 and 2)

    All of these tools are provided as command-line tools that allow for extensive scripting.

    There are many GUIs that take advantage of this feature.


    Network Mapper is another popular Kali Linux tool also known as Nmap.

    Nmap is a free, open-source tool for network discovery and security checks.

    Nmap secretly uses IP packets to determine the hosts on the network,

    the type of services that applications host and versions of, the operating systems that the hosts run, the type of packet filters and firewalls used, and many other attributes.

    Many systems and network administrators also use this tool for the following purposes:

  • Prepare a list of network devices
  • Manage service upgrade schedules
  • Hosting monitoring or uptime service


    THC Hydra

    Hydra is often the best tool when you need the brute force of a remote authentication service.

    This tool can execute rapid dictionary attacks against more than

    50 protocols, including telnet, FTP, HTTP, HTTPS, SMB, various types of databases, and more.

    This tool can be used to crack web scanners, wireless networks, packers, and many more.
    LinkedIn automation tool

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