April 14, 2024
Online Conference Platform

Online conferencing has become an integral part of our business communication. It has become a powerful tool to communicate and collaborate effectively with your business partners, national and international clients, and audiences.

So it becomes necessary to host successful online conferences that elevate the productivity of your organization. As poorly organized conferences can damage the reputation of your organization. However, online conferencing is now no longer new for us, but still, for many of us, hosting online conferences is a challenge and they make some silly mistakes while organizing online conferences. 

But don’t worry we are here to help you, we will give you some tips about the common online conf mistakes you should avoid in 2022.

In this blog, we are telling you some common mistakes that you can easily avoid to make your virtual conference effective and productive. So let’s start our blog.


Don’t Skip The Rehearsals:Online

Before hosting an virtual conference you can go for quick rehearsals as the virtual conference is a technology-based event. Anything at any point can go wrong. 

 Attendees may face audio-video difficulties and presenters may not be able to share their screen and content. So as a precaution, you can rehearse by asking some attendees to join the conference before the actual conference and can check the necessary aspects of the virtual conference.


Keep The Goals Clear

It doesn’t matter at all how engaging and interactive your online conference is unless you achieve your target.

 All your efforts can go in vain if you can not attain your goals. While organizing an virtual conference you should have a clear agenda about the conference. Your organization’s vision should always be clear in your mind

Not Having A Backup Plan

Nothing is perfect, neither the individuals nor the technology. It doesn’t matter how much you have rehearsed when it comes to technology; there is always a chance of technical error during your online conference. Your microphone may stop working, the presentation can not meet your expectations, or sometimes your internet might hinder your online communication. Due to all these or some other technical reasons your conference can shut down. That is why it becomes necessary to have a backup plan, as a backup plan can again elevate your crawling virtual conference.  The arrangement of a co-host can be a good option. The co-host can take over the presentation while you are busy with the troubleshooting on your side.

Lack Of Engagement:

It is necessary to keep attendees hooked up to the conference.

 In an online conference, attendees have more chances of distractions; attendees can get bored anytime.

 No matter how exhilarating your virtual conference, unless your attendees are engaged. To keep attendees engaged, you can provide them multiple opportunities to connect and collaborate with the presenter and fellow attendees. You can use chats, Q&A, networking features, or roundtables to keep attendees engaged.

Wrong Platform

One of the initial and necessary aspects of an virtual conference is to select the right platform for organizing it. Selection of the right online platform can effortlessly meet all your conference needs and goals. 

The right platform will also provide an immersive, engaging, and interactive environment replicating your in-person conference experience. While selecting an online platform for hosting your online conference, you should research different virtual platforms that cater to your online communication needs. As of today, we have tons of online conferencing platforms. So select only that platform that suits your business communication needs.

Not Offering A Break:

Whether it’s an in-person conference or it is an virtual conference, attendees require short breaks in both.  When the host doesn’t schedule enough breaks, attendees can leave the randomly online conference. 

 By scheduling, short breaks during the online conference host can minimize the number of attendees seeking breaks.  So it becomes necessary to give short breaks to attendees during the online conference.


Not Highlighting The Main Points:

Another common mistake that we make while organizing an Virtual conference is not highlighting the important points of the meeting.

Highlighting main words or points will give attendees a chance to remember the important topics discussed in the session. 


Don’t Miss The Fun:

Sometimes virtual conferences can be stressful for attendees, speakers, and organizers. Attendees can quickly get bored of a life-less web camera environment. Robotic conference environments can be boring and disengaging.To spice up your conference you can add some fun elements also. Also you can use networking features to engage attendees.


So  these were some common mistakes that we generally make while hosting virtual conferences. These are mistakes we need to avoid during organizing an online conference. Before hosting your next online conference you can keep these tips in mind , to make your online conference more effective and productive. Although these mistakes seem very small, they can shut down your conference,by avoiding them you could host a successful online conference.

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