May 20, 2024
Baby Cot Bed

Preparing for the introduction of a new baby is a mixed bag of joy, expectation, and accepting the fact that life will never be the same for most soon-to-be parents. Yo-yoing emotions are totally natural, whether you’ve navigated similar waters before or are a first-time parent. They’re usually followed by a slew of questions that keep you up at night (maybe your body’s ingenious way of preparing you for a night of restless sleep when baby arrives! ); Have you had sufficient raspberry leaf tea; have you packed your favorite pajamas in your hospital bag… Specifically, where is your maternity bag?! Where will your new baby sleep – and, more importantly, will you be able to sleep through the night again?

Babies snooze… a lot! In fact, a baby’s nap time exceeds his or her awake time during the first two years of life. As a result, if giving your tiny tot with a safe and pleasant place to sleep is a top priority, I would suggest you to weigh all the available baby bed options before making this crucial decision, as they all have different features and benefits. A crib or Moses Basket provides portability but may only last a few months, whereas a baby cot bed provides longevity but may be too large for your baby’s room – so a cot could be the ideal compromise.


If the baby bed dilemma is keeping you awake at night, let me help you clear your head by giving you the lowdown on one of the most common baby bed options: the baby cot. I’ve dedicated this piece to answer some of the most common cot questions I’m asked by befuddled parents looking for the ideal bed for their kid, so sit back, relax, maybe even have a cuppa as well as a slice of cake (or two!) and enjoy my ultimate guide to cots.

Choosing Between a Baby Cot and a Cot Bed

Let’s start by defining the difference between a cot and a cot bed. The fundamental distinction between a cot and a cot bed would be that a cot bed may be converted into a junior (toddler) futon mattress without the use of any additional replacement parts, whereas a cot cannot. So, if you’re looking for a convertible cot, head over to KidsVoucherCode and look through their wide range of cot beds.

What is the Dimension of a Baby Cot?

The actual measurements of a cot may vary somewhat between designs, which will be clearly noted on the product detail page. A cot requires a mattress size of 60cm x 120cm.


A cot is smaller than a cot bed and larger than a crib or Moses basket. Depending on where you plan to put your baby’s cot, whether it be in your room during the first few weeks or directly into your baby’s nursery, it’s a good idea to measure the area and compare it to the models you like – and keep in mind that you’ll need some flexibility around the cot.

Cots are Appropriate for Children of What Age?

Cots are safe to use from birth and will peacefully sleep your infant until they are 18 months to 3 years old, at which point you will begin on another wonderful parent/child adventure: moving your toddler into a big bed!


You can put your baby in a cot from day one, but some parents prefer to use a Moses basket or crib for the first few months because they are more portable and more suited to a newborn’s size. It’s a deeply personal decision that each parent will make in their own way.

How do you Pick the Best Baby Cot?

With so many various designs to pick from, it might be tough to choose which cot is ideal for your kid. Here are a few things to think about that should help you limit down your options:

Safety Standards: 

All cots supplied in the United Kingdom must comply with the British Safety Standard (BSEN716), which was created to limit the risk of accidents. For additional information on how to help your baby sleep safely in a cot, go here.

Height Changeable Settings: 

All cots have height adjustable settings, so you may modify the sleeping platform’s height to suit your baby’s developmental stage. Depending on the design, this can range from 3 to 5 layers. The maximum setting is for infants, but as your baby grows and begins to stand, you can progressively decrease it.

Side Rails that can Remove Totally: 

Some cot designs let you remove one of the side rails completely. Because your newborn infant may safely sleep close to your bed, this is a terrific co-sleeping option. It can also be useful when your little pipsqueak is a bit older, and you want to give them more independence in getting in and out of their cot.

Conversion Kits: 

Standard cots do not come with conversion kits, unlike cot beds, which arrive ready to transform into a toddler bed when needed. However, certain designs do provide an extra conversion kit that can buy to extend the life of the cot and allow it to use as a toddler bed.

Furniture for the Nursery That Matches: 

If you’re trying to furnish a complete nursery, a nursery furniture set may be more cost-effective. These baby furniture bundles include with everything you’ll need to furnish a nursery including; cot, wardrobe, and baby changing station.

Cot Mattress:  

The safety of a cot mattress is critical. A fresh mattress should purchase with any cot to provide the proper level of support, comfort, and safety for your new infant.

What is the Best Cot for a Newborn?

As previously stated, all cots are acceptable for use from birth; however, some designs have features that are particularly useful during the first few months of your baby’s life. For example; the Vox 4 You Baby Cot may connect to the Vox 4 You Four Poster Bed by fully removing one of the side panels; (what a perfect excuse to treat yourself to a new bed!) making night feeding a bit easier. It also has wheels for convenient maneuvering and storage drawers for all of your baby’s necessities. You may progressively lower the sleeping platform with three height options as your child grows.

Baby Cot with Drawers

Babies appear to need a lot of stuff for such tiny beings! Diapers are aplenty, whether you choose washable or disposable, babies go through a lot of them! Bedding, clothing, and baby-friendly products are just a few examples. A cot with storage, such as the Obaby Stamford Space Saver Cot; provides a place for all those baby supplies and is great for smaller rooms thanks to its compact design.


A variety of cots with drawers shall be available at the brand. You may get them with Bugaboo discount code.

Cot with a Side That Can Remove

If you’re a forward thinker (I can only hope!); you might want to search for a cot with the option of removing one of the side panels. When your little one enters the toddling stage and needs a bit more independence, this is the perfect gift. With three adjustable height settings, the Vox Concept Baby Cot starts off as a cot. But you can quickly remove one side and use it as a little toddler bed or a mini sofa!

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