November 27, 2023
Orbi router setup

How to set up Orbi? It requires the Basic settings of your router and helps you access the internet. You can set up your account username, change your Netgear password, and enable the wireless network for all your nearby devices. Firstly, you have to install a web browser to set up the SSID and password for the Orbi admin login process. After installing the web browser and getting the configurations, set the Netgear orbi login details. It will shift your Orbi firmware from a default configured SSID and Password to customize SSID and password. It helps you to protect your wireless router. You can even secure your router from being hacked or accessed by strangers. Wireless configuration needs to be performed on each band depending on your router. In the descriptions below, we will learn about the Orbi set up on the 2.4 GHz, 5 GHz, and 5 GHz wireless frequencies only. First, you should open the Basic Wireless setting section from the menu.

Orbi setup for Wireless configuration on 2.4GHz

  • On 2.4GHz Wireless Frequency – You have to enable the Wireless Radio by checking the Enable Wi-Fi tab.
  • Network Name or the SSID change – You have to type the Wi-Fi name for the 2.4GHZ band.
  • Change the default password– Type a unique and navel password for this 2.4GHz band you have never used before.

Netgear Orbi setup for wireless configuration on 5.8 GHz-1 

  • 5GHz-1 Wireless frequency –Enable your router login wireless radio and keep the box checked to enable 5.8GHz-1
  • Network Name or the SSID change –Type the required Wi-Fi name for the 5 GHz wireless frequency band.
  • Orbi default passwordType password for 5GHz-1 SSID here.

Orbi setup for Wireless Configuration 5.8GHz-2 

  • On 5GHz-2 Wireless frequency: – You have to enable your wireless radio and keep the box checked to allow the 5.8GHz-2 band.
  • Network Name or the SSID change –Type a secure router login Wi-Fi name for the 5 GHz-2 frequency band.
  • Orbi default password– Change the password for your 5GHz-2 SSID. Keep this password unique and different from the other two wireless bands. You can also change the Netgear password after your very first login.

After completing all the above settings, you have to press the save button and apply all these changes to your Orbi firmware AX6100.

The best ways to boost the WIFI speed of your Orbi router

Are you getting the 30 % internet speed through the Wi-Fi device you have? But while using a wired Ethernet connection receiving 100 % internet speed? Now, you do not need to worry at all. It is a matter of misconfiguration. You might have followed some wrong steps that have reduced the WIFI speed of your internet. We will explore some best ways to boost your internet connection in the following steps. The process of how to set up Orbi to enhance Wi-Fi speed can surely raise the internet speed of your Orbi firmware to 100%. No matter whether you have a wired or wireless router login internet connection.

Factors that slow down the internet speed of your Orbi router

  1. If you are using a router with the default Orbi firmware.
  2. If there is a wrong channel selection by mistake, you will get less speed.
  3. You might have controlled the wireless channel width to half the real length.
  4. If you are using a low-functioning modem or internet service provider.
  5. There might be a lot of interference between the router login channels.
  6. There might be a signal range issue due to the distance between the router and the devices.
  7. You may have left some of the applications to run in the background.
  8. Some applications consume too much internet, causing the other devices to receive less internet.
  9. The Orbi firmware of your device might have expired. Update the firmware and change the Netgear password.
  10. There might be some unwanted toolbar consuming more internet in your web browser.
  11. You might have placed your router inside a covered place or at the back of the cupboards.
  12. The router might have kept near the devices emitting electromagnetic waves.

Choose your internet network and enter the password to ensure it is correct. Change Netgear password regularly because it helps to protect your Wi-Fi network from being hacked and accessed by others. It also enhances the wireless network speed as no one can connect to your network without your permission. The above process is all about “how to set up Orbi” and “how to increase its speed.”


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