April 14, 2024

From fiber to cable internet, every connection type comes with its pros and cons. Whether you need the internet for working from home or virtual learning, you need to understand your online needs before choosing an internet connection. From high speeds to easy accessibility, many factors play an important role to determine which connection type matches your requirements. But, when it comes to an uninterrupted, secure internet connection, cable internet takes the lead! So, let’s find out how cable internet works and how it can be the best choice for home and office networks.

What Is Cable Internet?

Cable internet is an internet connection type that uses a cable infrastructure to enable internet access to the users. It requires a cable or coaxial wire connected to a router or modem that transmits internet signals to your devices.

What Are the Benefits Of Having a Cable Internet Connection?

Here are some of the advantages of getting a cable internet connection:

Security and Reliability

Cable internet makes use of coaxial cable wires to carry data signals from the source (your internet service provider) to its destination (your device). One end of the cable is plugged into your router or modem, while the other end is connected to your device. This way, it establishes a direct connection that remains protected from various security risks and physical obstructions. 


Unlike other internet connection types, cable internet delivers high speeds, which makes it suitable for playing competitive online games. It provides download speeds that are much faster than its upload speeds. This is because most users prefer higher download speeds over upload speeds, depending on their online activities. While you can play online games with lower upload speeds of 1 Mbps, streaming your game on Twitch will require upload speeds ranging from 5 Mbps to 10 Mbps. Similarly, it takes 3 Mbps of download speeds for a smooth gaming experience. Therefore, your gaming speed needs can be facilitated by cable internet without any hassle. However, if your game is not proceeding further because of internet speed issues, then you may need MetroNet internet for higher upload speeds.

TV Bundles

Most cable internet providers offer monthly internet plans with cable TV services at competitive prices. This way, you can have access to various on-demand titles, including live TV, and enjoy seamless internet connectivity at the same time. 


A cable internet connection does not require you to pay hefty fees every month. You can make use of download speeds ranging from 3 Mbps to 500 Mbps by paying an average cost of around $51 or above. If you compare this amount with how much you will be paying for fiber internet, you will notice how it is still much more affordable than most fiber internet plans. 

Ping and Latency

With cable internet, you get lower latency and ping rates, which makes it the best choice for playing online games. This indicates that as soon as you make a move in your game, it will respond within a few seconds only. On the other hand, a wireless internet connection does not guarantee lower latency and ping rates. Therefore, connecting to a Wi-Fi network for gaming can be very frustrating. Whereas, cable internet ensures that you will have a smooth gaming experience. 


While fiber internet infrastructure is limited to specific towns and cities of the US, cable internet is available almost everywhere. From big metropolitan cities like NYC to Idaho City, cable internet can be found anywhere. All you need to do is, purchase equipment, and invest in a few wires and your connection will be set up in no time. On the other hand, ISPs, such as MetroNet are available in selected areas only.

Closing Thoughts

To sum it up, cable internet provides several benefits to its users. Besides reliability, it delivers fast speeds with little to no lag. In addition, it establishes a secure internet connection between your ISP and your device. This way, your internet does not disrupt by any physical obstructions or other Wi-Fi-enabled devices. 

Besides, cable internet is available in a wide range of areas in the US at affordable prices. Therefore, it is known to be the ideal choice for most internet users for streaming movies and TV shows, playing online games, and surfing the web. 

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