April 15, 2024
4 Types of Graphic Design Packages That Can Boost Your Brand Image

Visual content is key to content marketing and branding in 2022, from banner ads to articles and infographics. In the modern digital age, you need to have flawless brand visibility if you want to build a lasting relationship with your clients. To captivate and maintain the interest of your audience, you must have a lot of visual content. The concept of graphic design packages appeals to both solo entrepreneurs and growing businesses. Graphic design is a powerful marketing tool that can really give your brand a boost. With the right graphic design package, you can choose how and where your designs are used, who they are directed towards, how they look while they are delivered, and how they are put together.

In this article, we’ll look at four graphic design products that may help you change the way people see your company. Graphic designers specialize in producing a professional and approachable atmosphere for all unique projects, from microstock photography to logo design and marketing brochures.


4 Types of Graphic Design Packages

Here are the types of graphic design packages.


  • Brand identity set

A branding package is a collection of tangible and digital materials developed to enhance a brand’s reputation. Every component of the package represents the intended aesthetic that unifies a company’s resources and conveys the same message across all platforms. The consistency of these traits is what builds your brand and offers your customers a feeling of safety and dependability.


  • Logo designs

When creating a firm that stands out, the logo must be your first objective. Consequently, a business must have a logo that accurately conveys its identity. When you can’t come up with just one logo, it would be wonderful to have a variety to select from. For your logos to appeal to clients, they must be creative and inventive. Therefore, this collection will provide imaginative logo layouts in any conceivable design.


  • Fonts and a style manual

The typeface and style guide make up the second component of a brand identity package. Successful brands use a consistent font style. The typography specialists on the brand development team keep an eye on a variety of typefaces. They choose one specifically for your brand based on the kind of company you run and the audience you’re trying to reach. They develop a look for your brand as a result, and it becomes more well-known.

This is an essential graphic design package.


  • Brand stationery set

While many individuals would dismiss stationery as “just a piece of paper,” it can have a significant impact on business communication. You can never simply use any piece of paper to communicate in an official capacity. You must stand for your brand and have brand stationery with an appropriate brand image on it for that. Let’s have a look at its contents;


  • Envelopes and letterhead

As was previously indicated, you must conduct business communications in an official manner. You should have a business-style letterhead with your logo on it. It only improves interaction and establishes confidence.


  • Pens, writing instruments, and files:

You must create an organized and consistent workspace. Your brand identification may be extended and maintained while working if you have your logo printed on files, pads, and writing instruments. As a consequence, employees unify and experience a sense of belonging. Almost everything you need to create a consistent work environment is included in this bundle.


  • Visiting Cards

They always ask for your card whenever you speak with a prospective customer: “Can I have your card, please? I’ll return to you shortly.” They often terminate the discussion in this manner before departing. Despite having a strong internet system, business cards are still necessary. By using business cards, you may establish your brand identification even during face-to-face contact. In this way, a card may aid in extending your company’s visual identity.

This is one of the most underutilized graphic design packages. However, the key is to do wise research and make the most of it.


  • Package for online brand management

You can’t ignore the significance of the internet and digital media. This is because they are a part of the rapidly expanding virtual environment where the majority of your prospective clients live. If you want your business to expand and reach new consumers, you must have an online reputation. Therefore, this bundle also involves creating social media handles and websites.


  • Creation and designing of websites

Websites are crucial business resources. The digital world will continue to exist, as already discussed, and you must treat it with the respect it merits. The ideal tool for generating conversions and sales is a website. Your company needs a website that is effective and accessible on many devices. It should provide all the information clients need to find what they need.

Below are some of the services that should be included in a website design package:

  • Website layout that incorporates the brand’s color palette.
  • A website accessible on computers, mobile devices, tablets, and laptops.
  • Search engine optimized website.
  • Offering web hosting without charge for at least a year.


  • A social media toolkit

Social media is another component of the digital world. They are the online resources that people utilize the most. Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn are among the most popular social media platforms for customers today and in the future.

It is, therefore, necessary for you to update your social media accounts. A social media handle that is consistent with the brand’s color, typeface, and visual style is included in this package. Also included are posters and covers for Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and other social media sites.


  • Package brand online networking communications

Corporate newsletters are published both within and outside of their physical limits to connect with workers, present or future customers, internal or external stakeholders, and others. Because they disseminate corporate information and, thus, carry the brand’s energy with them, these tools should be utilized to enhance the brand’s reputation.

Getting a brand communication package gives you the chance to differentiate your company from the many other top businesses with top-notch resources.



Building and developing a brand that consumers want to interact with has always been the goal of marketing. Marketing seems to be a promotional technique and places a strong emphasis on how customers perceive the product, as opposed to customer-centric strategies like advertisements, content marketing, public relations, and trade marketing. Marketing stimulates product use and interest, which increases prospects and customer lifetime value.

Brand identity, which includes everything from slogans to logos, is what keeps customers interested and returning.

In the future, your startup’s visual design will serve as a brand ambassador. According to research, your brand’s top three elements are your logo, your banner advertisements, and the aesthetic appeal of your website. To protect your business’s digital equity, your visual design should shape your brand’s competitive environment. Therefore, you must have all of these most important graphic design packages for your brand.

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