May 14, 2024

Combine your internet plan with their outstanding home phone service to get the most of CenturyLink Internet Deals. Because smartphones are more practical, the majority of people no longer believe that a home phone is all that helpful. Have you considered, however, how modern technology is currently being utilized to improve the quality of landline service? 

Just in case, you’re among those who believe they do not need a house phone, you should reconsider because this is not your typical home phone service. Service providers like CenturyLink are committed to providing the finest possible customer service, and the cutting-edge technology utilized in the service enables you to use amazing features that only help you enjoy the service and reap its full benefits.

The CenturyLink Internet Plans and CenturyLink Home Phone have several features that make them the ideal communication partner. We are aware that there are only two possible explanations for why you are reading this blog and are on this page. You either already have CenturyLink home phone service or are debating whether it is worthwhile. Whatever your motivation, today’s article will focus on the call blocking function for CenturyLink home phone and how you may stop any telemarketers from calling you.

How Does CenturyLink Call Blocking Work?

Everyone can agree that receiving obnoxious calls from con artists, fraudsters, or even pranksters is bothersome. When individuals you wish to eliminate out of your life call you, it is much more annoying. While this is not a major issue while using a cell phone, it might be a little challenging when using a landline. The good news is that CenturyLink’s home phone has a blocking feature, enabling you to stop receiving those bothersome calls on your landline as well. How do you go about that?

There are several methods for doing it. To obtain a better understanding, let’s go through each one in further depth.

CenturyLink Calling Services

You may stop these calls using CenturyLink’s calling tools, whether they are telemarketing or scam calls. Please keep in mind that the first time you call, you will be prompted for a security code. In that instance, simply enter 1234 as the temporary code. You will need to alter the security code later on for your own protection. This security code will assist you in managing your account’s numerous calling functions.

Rejecting an Anonymous Call

You may use this program to prevent both private and anonymous phone calls. When an unwanted person calls and their phone number is banned, they will hear a message alerting them that their call will not be returned since it is blocked. If they want to reach you, they must first hang up before contacting you again, but not before dialing *87. They will then call you, but you will only see their name and phone number for this one call. Above all, whether or not you pick up the phone is totally up to you.

This feature, which is accessible everywhere CenturyLink Wi-Fi or internet services are offered, comes in a variety of variations. Caller ID is sometimes included in anonymous call rejection, but not always. You will need to order it again in this situation. Additionally, it is by default disabled when you first install it; to enable it, dial *77 on your phone. 

You will hear two beeps when you turn it on. This tool will only help you stop private and anonymous calls; if the caller is from another area, is unknown, or cannot be identified for any other reason, they will not be blocked.

CenturyLink Call Rejection Feature

You may use this tool to block any specific numbers, such as those of persons you don’t want to contact again. You may let the function work by entering the list of phone numbers you want to ban. How exactly does this function? You may add the phone numbers you want to block to a refusal list. They will hear a pre-recorded message saying that you are not receiving calls when a blocked caller attempts to phone you.

You must first buy this feature before adding it to your account, which is something to keep in mind. Additionally, after you add it, it will be by default turned off, and you will need to dial *60 to turn it on. Simply press *80 to turn off call rejection whenever you need to. With this tool, you may block up to ten numbers at once.

If you upgrade this feature and purchase Enhanced Call Rejection, you may block up to 25 numbers. Keep in mind that this feature is accessible in a few places only. As soon as you receive a call from a number you forgot to add to the rejection list or couldn’t recall, you may add it to the list. Pick up the receiver as soon as the phone stops ringing, dial *60, and then listen to the instructions that are recorded.

CenturyLink Do Not Disturb Feature

As its name implies, the Do Not Disturb function silences all incoming calls from 10 p.m. until 6 a.m. There are no exceptions to this feature; it applies to all seven days of the week. However, you may set the call curfew’s timings to your liking. You must contact CenturyLink customer support if you want to add this function to your landline. 

You can control the function after adding it by dialing *78 on your phone. Depending on your state of residence, this function can result in an additional recurring charge on top of a nonrecurring charge.

Alternative Methods for Call Blocking

Let’s examine some other strategies for call blocking. These strategies are not aspects of the CenturyLink home phone; rather, they are some generic yet powerful strategies that CenturyLink Wi-Fi users may utilize.

Utilize the Do Not Call List

You must enroll your phone number to the FTC’s Do Not Call registry to use the National Call Registry. You won’t receive any calls from telemarketers after your number has been on the list for at least 31 days – thanks to this service, which is completely free. This is more like a filter than full immunity, though.

The organizations that the government regards as genuine will occasionally be able to contact you. Some businesses will be permitted to contact you if you have given them your written consent to do so.

Utilize a Call-Blocking Gadget

You may use a tool like the V5000 Call Blocker to stop obnoxious calls. With the help of this gadget, you may even immediately block any call. The device’s memory has already been filled with roughly 5000 numbers that are only telemarketers. You may also block as many as 1500 calls or numbers. Isn’t that amazing?

Narrowing It Down

You have it now! You now fully understand how to stop an unwanted or spam call. Now, it’s not that tough, is it? In reality, it’s extremely useful, especially with all the telemarketing and spam calls you get. While not required, purchasing all of the aforementioned features would be excellent if you wanted to make the most of a landline.

After all, the CenturyLink home phone has a good number of services that are either free or inexpensive. If you are not a CenturyLink customer yet, what are you waiting for? Visit BuyTVInternetPhone to get the feature-packed plan for yourself.

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