December 2, 2023

The National Disability Insurance Agency (NDIA) gives people a chance to gain a new perspective in life. The objective is to help those with vulnerabilities manage their condition properly. With proper assistance, Australians can gain access to expert help with the NDIS.  They provide support workers and support coordinators to help you out. 


Support coordinators are needed to assist you with your NDIS plan. However, a participant must be aware of the roles to know what is expected of the support coordinators. Along with the funding provided to you by the NDIS, support coordinators are in charge to help you figure out how you can make the best of them. 


Complete Connect, a leading provider of NDIS disability support, gives you the chance to learn new things under the NDIS. With an exceptional team behind them, you can get the assistance you need. 

What Is The NDIS?

The National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) gives disability support to people with physical impairments a chance to gain independence and increased mobility through their scheme. 


This program enables people to experience new things and handle new tasks efficiently without a lot of help. They offer basic and complex needs assistance and hire certified and capable support workers who are here to help you throughout your NDIS journey.

What Are Support Coordinators?

Support coordinators are certified NDIS workers who work on improving your plan to its best potential. It helps to have a support coordinator with you if you do not understand how to proceed with your plan. You can get even more benefits from your plan if your support coordinator optimises and oversees your program with a watchful eye.


The biggest aspect of a support coordinator’s job is to make sure your plan is set in motion properly and no inconveniences are involved during the process. You can get the chance to have your own support coordinator by using your capacity building support funding given by the NDIS.

How Can They Optimise Your Plan?

The NDIS offers participants three levels of support coordination:


  1. Support Connection
  2. Support Coordination
  3. Specialist Support Coordination


These levels are aimed at specific people who require careful and focused treatments. These are aligned with the participants’ plan and make sure that they improve and help in the person’s condition. Support coordinators are the best help you can afford during this time. They will ensure that your plan is updated and upgraded according to your needs and demands. Support coordinators can add value to your plan by:


  • Making sure that participants feel connected:

Connection is an important aspect of the NDIS. Since the NDIS makes sure that people get the help they deserve through a proper scheme which they have to follow. It is the support coordinator’s job to make sure that the plan is effectively aligned with the participant’s needs and wishes. They are here to ensure that you feel connected and safe throughout your journey. 


  • Protecting a participant’s safety:

Safety is priority. Support coordinators will make their own independent decisions if any of the activities or events harm or bring a negative impact to the participant. These are important and can cause many repercussions if the participant does not feel secure or safe. The support coordinator will ensure that the plan is optimised according to the individual’s capability to handle certain exercises and activities. 


Complete Connect Cares For You!


Complete Connect is determined to assist you in your NDIS journey. As certified NDIS providers, they seek to give you the proper equipment and information that will lead you towards 

greater independence and confidence. They offer assistance with:


  • Allied Health
  • 24/7 Community Nursing
  • Specialist Support Coordinator
  • Daily Support
  • Community Access and Participation
  • Home Care


To learn more, visit their website or contact them!


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