May 20, 2024


What is Supermicro?

Supermicro is a global leader in designing and manufacturing high-efficiency server, networking, and storage solutions. Focused on delivering cost-effective, enterprise-grade quality assurance, Supermicro offers mission-critical solutions in the data center infrastructure market. They are committed to providing world-class service to their customers with an uncompromising focus on sustainable green computing technologies. Enabling their customers to build systems that deliver their messages while helping protect the environment has been their driving force for many years.


Services Supermicro Offer

  1. Supermicro offers a complete range of server, networking, and storage solutions to meet the needs of any business, government, or education. This complete range of products and services includes custom-designed, factory-manufactured, turn-key systems. The data center server and storage market are global, and Supermicro has a presence in a significant number of key markets. 


  1. Supermicro offers a wide selection of Rackmount Chassis, Extension Chassis, and Rack Mounted Luminaire options to meet customers’ individual needs. Custom builds are also available from Supermicro.


  1. Supermicro offers a complete line of server, networking, and storage subsystems for various applications, including small to large-scale data centers. It includes server motherboards, processor kits, power supplies, cooling solutions, and all other components necessary for the complete system solution.


  1. Supermicro offers a complete line of server motherboards, workstations, and portable computing solutions, including portables and laptops, to appeal to the needs of both end-users and enterprises. The ultra-slim notebooks provide performance comparable to conventional models while fitting into any individual’s bag or briefcase.


Products That Supermicro Offer

  1. Mainstream.

Supermicro’s Mainstream Outlet consists of barebone and rackmount chassis, all the server motherboards, storage, and networking solutions.


  1. Performance & High Performance.

Supermicro’s Performance and High-Performance division has been in development over the past few years and is committed to designing larger power supplies with higher power efficiency and a new generation of Super M1 mainboards for its platform. Supermicro will introduce high-performance computing server solutions at high bandwidth requirements. Successor to Super M5 and M6 as the company’s next-generation server solution, the first of its models intends to be shipped in the second half of 2010 and will be targeted for high-performance computing applications.


  1. MAX IO Systems.

Supermicro developed the MAX IO Series to solve the problem of limited I/O bandwidth on the mainboard using multiple I/O processors. It allows an increase in PCIe lanes and is used to maintain a higher MBps throughput. High-density server rackmount chassis and port multipliers are additional solutions that provide the infrastructure to enable MAX IO boards to perform I/O aggregation for multi-terabyte storage solutions.


  1. Hyper.

HPC cluster systems are ideal for solving complex real-world problems, including digital signal processing, mathematics, bioinformatics, and other applications requiring large data sets. Supermicro offers a complete HPC solution that includes the industry’s leading supercomputers built with the latest high-performance server motherboards and supporting components.


  1. Ultra.

Supermicro’s Ultra Series includes high-performance notebooks and ultra-slim ultrabooks. The latest models include thinner and lighter, higher resolution panels. Other discrete components, including Intel Core i3 or i5 processors, solid state disks, or specialized graphics cards, are available for most models. 


  1. DCO.

Supermicro’s DCO series products include Intel Atom dual-core and single-core embedded processor-based solutions. These products are ideal for various applications, including set-top boxes, digital signage, gaming systems, medical imaging, and security surveillance.


  1. CompactPCI & AdvancedTCA.

Embedded computing solutions for the high-performance computing market are available through Supermicro’s AdvancedTCA and CompactPCI product lines. Supermicro’s AdvancedTCA chassis provide customers with a standard 19-inch wide chassis in which they can mount their choice of motherboard up to 16 inches wide. Supermicro also provides an optional power supply with integrated fans and hot-swap power supply modules to simplify system installation and maintenance.


The dual processor rackmount platforms are designed to provide a high level of performance. The Supermicro platforms allow customers to maintain a manageable footprint and low cost while supporting dense multi-processor configurations.

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