April 15, 2024
Labs 15m Pantera TheBlock

Labs 15m Pantera TheBlock has just received a $11 million investment from Labs 15m Series, led by Alphabet. This investment will allow the company to further develop its platform and add smart features. It will also help the company expand its global footprint by securing partnerships with hedge funds and large financial services companies.

0x Protocol

0x Protocol for Labs 15m Pantera TheBlock has raised $15 million in Series A funding from Pantera Capital, a venture capital firm. The funds will be used to expand the company’s decentralized exchange platform globally and build an aggregation service and also trading desk. The firm will also continue to develop the proprietary API that powers its network and platform. This API will allow developers to incorporate exchange functionality into their applications.

Labs 15m Pantera TheBlock is an investment firm that specializes in blockchain tech. It has already invested in 0x Protocol and Balancer and also has predicted that the cryptocurrency market will reach a peak in early September 2020. Pantera Capital has no plans to slow down its investment strategy, and it will focus on introducing more decentralized products to the market.


Alchemy in labs is a blockchain-based company that builds tools and infrastructure services for decentralized exchanges. The startup recently raised $15 million in Series A funding led by Pantera Capital. It will use the money to expand its team, develop its platform and enhance its marketing efforts. Its goal is to create a decentralized exchange that’s accessible to people across the globe.

Labs 15m Pantera TheBlock startup founded in San Francisco in 2017 plans to use the new funds to scale its service offerings and drive international expansion. The company aims to make blockchain development easier by offering dedicated toolkits and services. The company’s platform already serves more than one million users in over 200 countries. Its clients include the web browser Opera, the ethereum wallet Binance, and the ethereum application CryptoKitties. The company’s co-founders have experience working on other projects such as Down to Lunch and Down to Dinner.

Pantera Capital

Pantera Capital Labs raised $11 million in its latest seed round to expand its Theblock platform. The funding will enable the company to add intelligent features to its platform, develop its API, and grow its global footprint. In addition, it will help the startup expand its partnerships with hedge funds and large financial institutions.

The funding will support the company’s plans to expand its platform to international markets and build a trading desk. It will also develop its platform and also API to make it easier for developers to integrate decentralized exchange functionality into applications.


Pantera TheBlock, the startup behind the 0x exchange protocol and decentralized exchange infrastructure, has raised $15 million from Pantera Capital as part of its Series A funding round. The funding will help the startup to expand its services globally and also develop new products. The company will also use the funds to hire additional staff and navigate the regulatory environment. The investors in the funding round include Pantera Capital, Castle Island Ventures, Franklin Templeton, and BlockFi CEO Zac Prince.

The DeFi industry has over $200B in Total Locked Value, with NFTs accounting for a large portion of it. Until now, the lack of proper infrastructure has prevented many NFT holders from achieving liquidity. The Arcade platform has now facilitated the first permissionless on-chain loan of $800k from a $10B+ lender. During its private launch, the platform also secured $3.3 million in loan volume. The Arcade platform supports multiple NFT assets.

Pantera and 0x Labs Raised $15 Million in Series A Funding

The startup behind the decentralized exchange protocol Pantera has raised $15 million in Series A funding from Pantera Capital. The funding will be used to accelerate the company’s global expansion and build out infrastructure. Among other things, Pantera will use the funding to hire more employees and increase its legal team.

The funding will also help Pantera expand its service globally and create a liquidity aggregation API. The company has already partnered with large financial services firms and hedge funds. The money raised this week will allow it to expand to a global market. It will also help it expand its Matcha product and launch a trading desk.

Pantera has also invested $15 million in 0x Labs, the startup behind the ZRX token. The money will be used to expand the company’s platform globally, hire more staff, expand into new markets, and amplify marketing efforts. It will also help the company develop an open source protocol.


The funding is being provided by Pantera Capital, an institutional investor that wants to expand its portfolio of digital tokens. The investment is limited to accredited investors with an investment minimum of $1 million. The company plans to use the new funds to expand its business, build a decentralized exchange API, and build a professional aggregation service for 0x tokens.

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