February 21, 2024
Labs 15m Series Pantera

Labs 15m Series Pantera has raised $15 million in Series A funding. This money will be used to expand its business. It plans to build a trading desk for its ZRX token and a professional aggregation service. By 2020, it hopes to raise $100 million.

Decentralized Exchange Protocol

Labs 15m Series Pantera, the startup behind the decentralized exchange protocol, has secured $15 million in Series A funding led by Pantera Capital. The funds will help Pantera continue to build out its infrastructure and team as well as expand its global footprint. In addition, the money will be used to fund new products and initiatives for its decentralized exchange protocol.

The investment will help the cybersecurity startup build out its open source security information and event management (SIEM) platform, which is a great alternative to legacy SIEM solutions. In addition, Panther Labs will add new features to its platform, which is already open source and can run on the cloud.

The company’s team included Wilson Sonsini, Lyman Thai, and Alex Kwok. The funding will help the team to launch their mobile app and expand their offerings.

Professional Aggregation Service

Founded by a former Google employee, Pantera will be building a professional aggregation service that allows users to add and edit content. They will also build a network that will allow users to share files and content from their websites. The network will have several features, including a user-generated rating system. Pantera’s network will also be able to handle massive volumes of data.

Labs 15m Series Pantera, the startup behind the decentralized exchange protocol, has raised $15 million in Series A funding from Pantera Capital. With the funds, Pantera plans to expand its services to new markets and launch a trading desk business. It will also invest in developing its decentralized exchange API. The API will allow developers to integrate exchange functionality into their apps.

Northzone & Anterra

Northzone and Anterra also invested in the round, along with Project A, Kima Ventures and Airbnb. The company’s founder and also CEO, Jack Naglieri, has experience at Airbnb, where he architected a popular open source security project called StreamAlert. StreamAlert is used by companies like Netflix, Coinbase, and Duo Security. Naglieri founded Panther Labs in 2018 with his previous experience. He will use the new funding to expand the platform and add new features to help protect customers.

Codat plans to deepen its critical infrastructure, making it the default way for small businesses to share their data. This technology will underpin the flow of data between small businesses and enable new capabilities and also opportunities. The company’s growth is already transforming the way small businesses share data. In fact, the company is growing at a rate 2.7x faster than the U.S. economy by 2021.

Pantera Capital Invests $15 Million in 0x Labs

Pantera Capital has announced that it is investing $15 million in 0x Labs, the company behind the ZRX token and decentralized exchange protocol. The funds will be used to enhance the company’s platform, expand its team, and improve marketing efforts. Ultimately, the company plans to further develop its open-source protocol.

The company’s mission is to create a global mobile exchange platform. The funds will be used to scale the 0x Protocol and launch an exchange desk business. This investment will allow 0x Labs to grow their business globally. The company is also building a global mobile software company and will use the funds to expand into other markets.

Michael McSweeney

The company’s founder, Michael McSweeney, has a long history of entrepreneurship. He has co-founded several projects, including Status. He also founded Blockstream, which offers tools to manage cryptocurrency funds. The company plans to expand internationally in the next few years. It has partnered with hedge funds and also financial services companies to develop its platform. It has been able to secure $15 million in financing for its projects, and also the company is now focusing on expanding its global footprint.

Pantera Labs is a decentralized exchange protocol developer that has raised $15 million in a Series A round of funding. The company plans to use the money to expand its infrastructure, build a trading desk, and partner with large financial firms. It also plans to increase its team and enhance its API.

Final Words:

The company is currently building tools for developers to build applications with the blockchain. Initially, the goal is to make blockchain technology easy to use for developers. Eventually, they want to launch a decentralized exchange with 50% lower transaction fees. That will allow everyone to benefit from it. The 15m series capitalmcsweener protocol is expected to be a key element for 0x Labs to make its project successful.

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