February 21, 2024

Divorce is filled with various kinds of challenges. A lot of couples struggle to resolve disputes and arrive at an agreement regarding issues like child support, distribution of assets, spousal support, etc.  The process of divorce litigation is costly and involves a waste of time and effort. In order to deal with that, it is suggested to use arbitration with the help of Kenosha divorce lawyers. With this, the divorce can be finalized by experts in divorce law that give outcomes in a short period of time.

Divorce Arbitration- an overview

Divorce arbitration is an approach that spouses use to seek a mutual agreement with the help of their divorce attorneys. It is not like the mediation or collaborative approach of divorce. Divorce arbitration is used for concluding the divorce with the help of an arbitrator who listens to the grievances of both spouses and decides about the matters. The decision made by the arbitrator is considered to be legally binding. He acts similar to the judge of a court but provides Swift judgment, which helps save time. 

Arbitration is one of the best alternatives for divorce if someone is willing to go through the litigation process without wasting that much time and money. This is helpful for spouses who are not on amicable terms and cannot use approaches like collaboration or mediation to raise an agreement regarding the terms of the divorce. Arbitration’s swift nature helps avoid delayed judgment so that important matters like child custody can be handled quickly. If the same is handled through litigation, the judgment will be too long to an unfavorable extent which will further drain the spouses as well as the children.

Lawyers in divorce arbitration

Like courtroom sessions, divorce attorneys are used for representation in the arbitration method of divorce. Arbitrators are often retired judges or lawyers with family or divorce law backgrounds. Arbitration helps handle cases without appearing in the public eye. It helps maintain the privacy concerns of both spouses. The spouses decide on arbitration. They can fix the location and timing as per their requirements. Divorce arbitration helps in finalizing cases within weeks or days.

On the other hand, divorce trials take months to finalize. Both spouses are required to bring their personal attorneys along with witnesses and evidence that can be used for demonstrating their wind. It is similar to court trials just with a more private and time-saving approach. 

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