November 26, 2023

You hear a lot about the damage birds can do to your building. In particular, bird guano is acidic, which can damage paintwork and erode materials. Before you know it, your property can look old and unmaintained, as well as lose its value when you go to sell.

In order to avoid this from happening, you need to learn how to bird-proof your building. This involves making it an unappealing site for birds to roost. As a result, you are protecting the outside. Here are some ways you can do this effectively.

Install Anti-Bird Netting

First of all, let’s start with one of the most popular ways to bird-proof your home or business building. We are talking about having anti-bird netting installed. This is a solution that creates a barrier between desirable spots and birds. This can be places such as high ledges or roofs. For example, this is a service offered by Apex Bird Control. So, you can let experts install this solution on your building, and the problem is taken care of. Birds cannot access the areas, and they will fly somewhere else.

Many people are concerned that anti-bird netting will not last. However, choosing a professional company to install this solution will mean high-quality materials are used that are durable. Indeed, it can last for many years. It is best to avoid any DIY methods when it comes to anti-bird netting. Not only will this mean that it does not last a long time, but it can also be dangerous to install on your building.

Use Spikes on Windowsills

Do you find that birds land on your windowsills? This is a common place for birds to roost since they are often high up and away from other predators. This can cause a lot of noise at night, as well as guano being everywhere. Plus, you can be scared to open the windows incase the birds decide to come in.

One thing you can do is use spikes on windowsills. This is going to act as a barrier and make sure that birds cannot land there. They are blunt, and the spikes are designed not to harm birds. Instead, they fill the space and ensure there is nowhere for birds to land. Just like anti-bird netting, bird spikes should be installed by a professional. This way, they are going to be secured safely, and you will not have to take any risks when you are up on ladders.

Have Animal Statues

There are some people that suggest using statues of animals to scare away birds. For example, this could be an owl or cat, as well as other statues that look like predators. Of course, this is used to scare the birds, and they will not land on your building or property. Indeed, they want to stay away from these predators.

This might work at first and for a couple of months. But some birds are smarter than you think. They will soon learn that the statue does not move and that it is not real. So, when there is no threat after a while, they will return to your building. It might be a temporary measure you can use. But, it is unlikely to be a long-term solution to your bird problem.

Avoid Overflowing Bins

Remember that there will be a few reasons why birds like your building. One of them will be because there is a food source nearby. You have to ensure that it is not something on your property that is feeding the birds. For example, if scraps are lying around due to overflowing bins, this is going to be something that attracts them.

Therefore, bird proofing your building will include avoiding overflowing bins. You do not want to leave any trash lying around that will attract birds. You can always think about investing in bins that are lockable or are a larger size so that you are able to contain rubbish in one place.

Hang Mirrors Outside

Birds are always on the lookout for predators. This means that loud noises and sudden movements can scare them, and they will fly away. Well, this is something you can use to your advantage. Namely, you can try hanging up mirrors outside. The light will reflect on the mirrors as well as moving in the wind. This combination can disturb birds and might provide what you need to get rid of them.

Of course, this is only going to be a solution that works if you have places to hang mirrors. For example, you can do this from treats and low down on your building. But, if birds are hanging around on roofs and high ledges, this might not be a safe solution or one that is feasible in the long term.

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