May 14, 2024
Carrollton Weather

The Carrollton Weather is one of the most important aspects of living here. This is especially true for people who live in a home or apartment. The average temperature, wind speed, and rainfall all affect the comfort of a home. Having access to information on these things is a very important part of making decisions about buying or leasing a property. Fortunately, there is a lot of useful information out there on the internet.

National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration

Average daily high and low temperatures for Carrollton Weather are calculated from data gathered during the years 1985 to 2015. These temperatures are based on weather reports from the NOAA (National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration).

Typically, Carrollton is warm and temperate. The climate is classified as Cfa by the Koppen-Geiger system.

Cold & Icy

In the summer months, temperatures tend to be hot and humid. They typically range from 35degF to 89degF. During the winter, temperatures are cold and icy. Occasionally, temperatures fall to a few degrees below 22degF.

A number of factors affect the weather in Carrollton. Some of the most important are precipitation, wind, and humidity. Each of these factors has different impact on the climate.

Average Hourly Wind Speed

The average hourly wind speed in Carrollton Weather, Georgia is 3.2 miles per hour. There are many factors which determine the weather in Carrollton, Georgia. These include the altitude of the city, the surrounding environment, and the season.

The average daytime temperature in Carrollton, Georgia is 53 degrees Fahrenheit. However, the best days for this city are late August to mid-October. This is because of the milder temperatures and the drier air.

Rest of the United States

The average rainfall in Carrollton, Georgia is 4.7 inches. This is slightly less than the 5.9 inches of rain that is expected in the rest of the United States.

The average rainfall in Carrollton, Georgia is approximately 52 inches per year. However, this amount varies considerably throughout the year. It is important to understand the factors that may affect your climate preferences and the amount of rain you receive.

Warm & Humid City

Carrollton, Georgia is a relatively warm and humid city. This climate results in the average rainfall being a little bit higher than many other locations in the state. Approximately 22% of the yearly precipitation is received in the Winter.

The driest month in Carrollton is October. The wettest is May. There are 106.5 days of rainfall in a year. Of those 106.5 rainy days, 107 of them are in May alone.

Cool Season

Carrollton, Georgia has a climate that is warm and temperate. It is classified as Cfa by the Koppen-Geiger climate system. This climate is warm, and has significant rainfall throughout the year.

Carrollton’s hot season lasts from June 3 to September 17. The coldest month in Carrollton is January. The driest month is July. And the wettest month is May.

There are several things you can do to ensure you get the most out of your visit to Carrollton, Georgia. These include keeping an eye out for freezing temperatures, allowing your irrigation to run during freezing temperatures, and having a basic understanding of what the weather entails.

Gulf of Mexico

Carrollton, TX, US is located on the Gulf of Mexico, which has a warm and temperate climate. It has an average of 176 days of dry weather per year.

Weather in Carrollton, TX, US can be affected by several factors. Temperature, wind speed, precipitation and humidity are all factors to consider. Some of these factors vary from minute to minute. For example, the temperature can fluctuate by as much as two degrees per hour. In the case of wind, the average speed varies by more than four miles per hour.

Rainfall in Carrollton, TX, US is generally moderate. Most rainfall falls in the months of May, June and October. However, there are months with less rain, such as August.

Growing Season

Carrollton, Georgia experiences a long growing season. It rarely ends before November 8. However, the season does vary depending on local weather conditions and patterns.

The growing season in Carrollton is typically 9 months long. Although it isn’t the longest in the country, it isn’t the shortest.

First Emergence of Warm-Season Plants

The growing season begins with the first emergence of warm-season plants in the spring and ends with the first fall frost. The temperature in the Carrollton growing season usually ranges from 38degF to 96degF.


Weather in Carrollton, GA is affected by several elements, including wind speed and precipitation. Wind speed is particularly important during the summer because it affects the amount of heat in the air. Also, the weather in Carrollton can change on a minute to minute basis.

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