April 15, 2024

Everyone in the world knows how expensive New York City is.  Not only has its high price point become a running joke on many television shows, but now it’s a joke online, with people teasing that an empty parking spot could be a million-dollar apartment in The Big Apple.

So how does anyone afford to live here?

If you want to live in the most amazing city on Earth and aren’t afraid to get out of your comfort zone, these are the top methods to try.

Get a Job Before You Move

One of the most important things you can do before packing up and hauling over to NYC is to get a job lined up.  Although you probably won’t find an employer that’s willing to pay for you to move out of them, you should try to find some source of income before you arrive.  Even if you have a safety account with emergency money, just in case, it’s not going to be enough if something happens.  

You don’t have to keep this job for life, but it can help you survive until you’re able to find something else that suits you.

Roommates Make Everything Easier

The best way to afford living on almost any Manhattan real estate is to get roommates to help you split the bills!  It’s vital that your screen and get to know them and what they expect before you move in with them!  The worst thing possible is to move out to somewhere expensive like New York City, only to be unable to afford it and stuck with a roommate that drives you crazy.

Find someone that you can be friends with, and set realistic expectations for both of you.

Look For Jobs With Lodging

If you’ve struggled to find roommates, and you’re lost trying to figure out where to live and how to afford it, take the time to stop and look for a job that offers to lodge.  This could mean being live-in medical care, or you could take up being a live-in nanny or housekeeper.

There are tons of families that are still terrified of anyone new bringing in contagious diseases, and being able to hire someone who stays in-house assuages those fears.  Just make sure to set realistic limits for what work you do and for how long.

Get to Know the Locals

Getting to know legitimate New Yorkers is the best thing you can do for yourself.  Although it seems obvious, most locals don’t want to just rent to anyone who shows up.  Instead, they spread information by word of mouth.  Getting to know locals means that when word of mouth gets out that someone has an apartment for rent available, you’ll often be one of the first people to hear about it.  

This Pricy City Is Worth It!

Whether you’re in the city for work or you simply love the creative and intense energy that’s here, there’s no place quite like NYC.  Consider following some of these tips to make it far more affordable than it usually is.

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